Software Development

QVS has always helped retailers integrate and innovate. We were at the forefront of implementing the wireless store, Self Check Out, Mobile POS, BOPIS, and many other solutions.

Today, we are working on the next generation of retail, the Frictionless Store. Partnering with inventors and manufacturers of smart carts, intelligent shelf labels, smart shelfs, and cameras, QVS provides these partners with the software they need to fully integrate their solutions with existing systems to provide the most cost effective implementation.

Vanguard Cleaning

QVS has a special relationship with VCS that has grown to include support for:

  • Vanguard Financial System (VFS)
  • ACT!
  • Mobile
  • Quickbooks

Plus a number of software success stories that are not primarily retail focused. These include: Operating Systems, Data Bases, Device Drivers, Wireless Technology, Scanner Software, Mobile Devices. We’ve delivered a lot of software in 30 years. Give us a call – we can help you…

We find ways to solve problems that others have given up trying to solve.