Web Shopping

Consumers are becoming progressively more savvy with technology, and they expect retailers to do the same—especially when it means added convenience. Online shopping with the option of express local pick-up or home delivery can help retailers tap into an audience that doesn't mind paying more for the time savings or convenience. Web-based solutions provide an excellent opportunity to give customers premium personal service (e.g., recipes, nutritional analysis, or product comparisons) without creating the line delays that might result if the services were offered within the store.

Once again, remember that the consumer will anticipate a similar or better experience than that afforded in the store. It makes a great deal of sense to develop Web-enabled solutions around the in-store business logic and expand upon it. This approach offers the added benefit of simplified inventory and price management. And the benefits go still deeper. Combined Web and in-store systems can facilitate effective customer relationship management (CRM) programs—whether they involve targeted advertising or loyalty rewards—because it's far easier to factor in information from both touch points.