Mobile POS

Like every other aspect of our lives, retail solutions are becoming increasingly mobile. Mobile solutions can reduce the footprint of the checkout area even more than self-checkout solutions. And the per unit cost of equipment is typically far less than that of traditional POS terminals. The lower cost of these devices is making them an increasingly attractive option for retailers to manage a seasonal rush or major sales event. Long lines are a major contributor to customer frustration and lost sales opportunities. Because news of long lines travels quickly throughout a community, retailers who address this issue can gain a real advantage during peak sales cycles.

With mobile solutions, additional cashiers can be stationed near existing checkouts or at additional secure building exits. Cashiers can also roam the floor to assist customers who seem ready for checkout, possibly even recommending and locating additional related products of interest. Mobile solutions are increasingly finding their way into stores that sell high-end merchandise or offer personal shopping escorts for preferred customers. The beauty of these solutions is that they can so easily coexist with current POS systems.