Endless Possibilities

Kiosks…pharmacy…deli…service desk…cell phones…browser-based solutions...

Consumers demand improved service, but retailers everywhere are reluctant to implement new services that result in substantially higher labor costs. Technology has become so powerful and readily available that new application solutions, such as those that might be implemented using a kiosk rather than a person, can produce quick return on investment. Imagine eliminating the wait at the grocery store deli by letting customers enter orders at a kiosk during peak hours. Orders can be filled while the customers shop for other items, rather than growing irritated while they stand in line. Similarly, bridal registries allow customers to service themselves, even performing their own inventory checks. All of these options are available today because enabling technology permits them to be integrated with the existing 4690 system.

POS equipment providers are quite astute in applying technology and developing solutions. So astute that the price point of a POS device will make them affordable enough to pass directly into the hands of the consumer in the store of the future. Even now, Motorola is offering the Portable Shopping System that allows consumers to scan and bag items as they shop, maintain a running total, and then use the device to complete the final sales transaction just before leaving the store. Other possibilities include locating scanners on a shopping cart, providing a display that keeps the shopper informed of nutritional information and violated personal dietary restrictions, as well as costs and running totals. Whatever the case, it is clear that POS devices will have interactive displays that provide measurable improvement in the customer experience, as well as greater freedom of choice in the purchase venue.