Best of Breed

No one likes being stuck with old technology systems, especially when it means paying higher costs or being denied certain beneficial POS features. That is exactly the frustration of many TGCS 4690 users. They feel confined to selecting TGCS hardware to run the TGCS 4690 operating system and applications. Naturally, POS equipment vendors like Fujitsu, NCR, and Wincor Nixdorf would like to offer these users other choices. That's why these companies have embraced QVS products and technology that enable retailers to make POS equipment decisions even if they are running 4690 OS in their stores. With QVS technology, retailers can immediately enjoy the benefits of using the best-of-breed POS terminals and peripherals from several different manufacturers.

Retailers who rely on the TGCS 4690 system can mix and match both POS terminals as well as peripherals from a variety or vendors, such as Symbol and Epson.

Why do TGCS's competitors participate in solutions that can result in convergence on the TGCS 4690 controller? They realize that the rip-and-replace approach is economically impossible for most retailers. To gain market share, they must make a migration path available to retailers who are financially dependent on using the TGCS 4690 system and related enterprise applications for several years to come. Moreover, because the business logic embodied in those TGCS systems is sound, they can rest assured that a migration solution built around that logic is attractive to retailers and much easier to implement. Not all TGCS POS terminals and peripherals are supported by TGCS 4690 OS. QVS technology provides support for these new and legacy TGCS terminals so that they can be used in existing 4690 environments.