Enhancing 4690

QVS has a history of helping retailers to retain the value of their existing infrastructure and to enhance and expand their store systems. In particular, QVS has a rich history of enhancing the TGCS 4690 retail system. The following are just a few of the early examples of QVS helping retailers enhance their 4690 systems.

Connecting TGCS 3683 terminals to 4690 controllers

In 1991 and 1992, QVS helped the Hudson Bay Company connect existing TGCS 3683 terminals to 4690 store controllers. This inexpensive alternative to replacing all the existing POS terminals was a great solution for HBC and they have remained a valued QVS customer ever since.

Graphical User interface

QVS was the first solution provider to implement a Graphical User interface on existing TGCS 2x20 applications.

Dynakey with TGCS Supermarket Application

In 1995, Albertsons installed the first Dynakey device with the TGCS Supermarket Application running as the primary business logic.

Full Screen Customer Display with TGCS Supermarket Application.

In 1996, QVS added a full screen Customer display to the TGCS Supermarket Application.

Self Checkout

In 1997, QVS began working with Optimal Robotics and Productivity Solutions to enable Self Checkout solutions in the TGCS 4690 environment. With QVS technology, these solution providers used the customer’s existing TGCS Supermarket Application and created what appeared to be an entirely different application running with a lot of new peripherals designed to process reliable and secure self-checkout operations.

Continuing to Enhance 4690

The list of QVS solutions to enhance the 4690 retail experience goes on and on. Fuel Pump Integration, Mobile POS Solutions, Web Shopping Fulfillment, Deli Ordering Kiosks, Payment Stations, Automated Prescription Dispensing, Cash and Coin recycling have all been implemented using QVS products and technologies. QVS will continue to enhance our products to support the latest industry offerings.