Competitive Retail Environment

In today's competitive Retail environment, seemless integration of legacy and state of the art technology is crucial to providing a superior customer shopping experience. If you need to improve your customer's experience with Self Checkout lanes, Gift Card Kiosks, Smart Cart solutions, and other in store touch points, or if you're looking to migrate to different hardware and software platforms, or if you simply need to improve the throughput on your existing systems. QVS Software has products and technology for you.

Point of Sale Industry

As a leader in the Retail Software Industry, QVS Software, Inc., specializes in the design and development of software solutions to address the evolution of Point of Sale systems. Our software development services provide full support at every project stage from design and architecture through implementation and maintenance.

Migration and Integration

QVS continues to design and develop customized migration and integration solutions for many of the world’s largest retailers. We have many years of experience helping retailers integrate their existing systems and migrate to new platforms. QVS has an in depth knowledge of the complex solutions offered by many of the world's leading industry suppliers including TGCS, NCR, Wincor Nixdorf, Fujitsu, Motorola, HP, and others.

Middleware and Operating System Development

QVS also has unique experience in the development of 'middleware' solutions. Many QVS product offerings are 'middleware' solutions. Some of these solutions emulate the TGCS 4690 operating system allowing 4690 applications to run on a variety of hardware and software platforms. Other offerings include device drivers, communications subsystems, and various low-level operating system components. We offer solutions for the following Operating Systems: Linux, DOS, and Windows operating systems.

Application Development

For those customers that require specialized application solutions, QVS also provides custom software development. We pride ourselves in providing highly skilled resources to address some of the industries most challenging opportunities. As always, our goal includes developing leading edge solutions architected for future growth and ease of maintenance.