Competitive Retail Environment

In today's competitive Retail environment, seemless integration of legacy and state of the art technology is crucial to providing a superior customer shopping experience. If you need to improve your customer's experience with Self Checkout lanes, Gift Card Kiosks, Smart Cart solutions, and other in store touch points, or if you're looking to migrate to different hardware and software platforms, or if you simply need to improve the throughput on your existing systems. QVS Software has products and technology for you.

Changing Face of Retail World

The TGCS 4690 Operating System has dominated the retail environment with a reputation for stability. At the same time, tremendous excitement has been generated by a number of other strong POS product providers, each offering new value, options, and often lower prices to retailers around the world. Still, the number of retailers who continue to rely on their TGCS 4690 environment is substantial. According to IHL Consulting Group's 2003 POS market study, 4690 OS is currently installed in 75% of the Tier 1 retailers with front-end checkouts—supermarkets, drug stores, super centers, warehouse clubs, and mass merchants.

History of Enhancing 4690

QVS has a history of helping retailers to retain the value of their existing infrastructure and to enhance and expand their store systems. In particular, QVS has a rich history of enhancing the TGCS 4690 retail system. The following are just a few of the early examples of QVS helping retailers enhance their 4690 systems.