Terminal Services

Terminal Services is used to provide support in the more traditional (thick client) POS implementations, as well as in newer application solutions, such as self-checkout. Existing 4690 POS applications can now run on Windows operating systems. Programming interfaces for Java and Microsoft COM platforms are available. A similar product, QConnect, is also available for the DOS environment.

The Terminal Services (TS) product was developed by QVS to provide a platform to create value-added functionality for existing TGCS 4690 POS Terminal applications. TS is being used today by several major retail solutions providers to create new products that integrate easily into the TGCS 4690 environment.

TS allows the 4680/90 customer greater flexibility in implementing new store level systems by allowing a mix of new technology with existing implementations.

Terminal Services provides the software support to allow existing TGCS 4690 POS Terminal applications to run on Windows. The Terminal Services (TS) product has been developed to meet the requirements of customers that have a significant investment in TGCS 4690 hardware and software and desire a migration path for upgrading to an open systems platform or integrating new application solutions.

Several major retail solutions providers are using TS to provide value added products to the existing 4690 product base.

Application Solutions available on the TS platform

  • Self Check Out
  • Payment Station
  • Integrated Pharmacy with POS
  • 4690 application regression testing tools
  • Web-based shopping fulfillment
  • Fuel system integration
  • Service Desk application integration

The Terminal Execution Environment (TEE)

The TEE allows existing 4690 C-Basic or 'C' POS Terminal applications to run unchanged. The TEE is a Windows subsystem that provides support for loading and executing existing .286 and .386 program images. It also provides application access to the point of sale peripherals in the same way as a 4690 OS based terminal.

Open Access

Peripheral Access

Peripheral Access is a service layer that provides application access to the POS input and output peripherals. The purpose of this layer is to provide access to peripherals for new applications in the POS workstation. This layer is written so that it is possible for more than one application to share peripherals. Open Access provides the necessary components for development of applications using new technology software development tools and processes.

4690 Controller Access

4690 Controller Access is a service layer that provides application access to services on the TGCS 4690 Store System Controller. Controller services such as file access, host credit access, and communications to controller applications are made available through this service layer.

Application Integrator Toolkit

The Application Integrator Toolkit provides the ability for existing 4690 CBASIC applications to branch to new application code. All new application code can be developed using modern tools and techniques. The modern platform application can gain access to data from the CBASIC application as well as any resources (peripherals and controller services) that the CBASIC application has access to.

Features List

  • Supported TGCS Terminals: 4693, 4694, SurePOS 300/500/700 families.
  • Supports a variety of widely installed TGCS peripherals
  • Supports all TGCS 4690 applications including ACE, GSA, SA, Chain Drug
  • Attaches to 4690 OS Controllers via Ethernet, Token Ring, Store Loop
  • Compatible with TGCS 4690 Controller Services Feature.
  • A variety of wireless attachments are possible
  • Supports only disk- based workstations.
  • POS peripheral replacement is supported.
  • Access multiple file servers concurrently (Linux, OS/2, UNIX, AIX, Windows, 4690)