Controller Services Feature

Controller Services Feature for Windows is a QVS product that allows 4690 store controller applications to execute in a Windows NT or Windows 2000 environment.

QVS Controller Services Version 3 (CSF) is a Microsoft®-based solution that provides the necessary tools and subsystems to integrate the TGCS 4690 store controller software as a Windows subsystem.

QVS Controller Services Version 3 replaces the discontinued TGCS DDS/CSF product offering.


Key Benefits and Features

  • The 4690 CSF preserves your investment in 4690 applications, terminal hardware and terminal wiring while moving to an open platform for the back room.
  • Executes your existing 4690 controller applications.
  • Supports POS terminals attached via Store Loop, Token Ring or Ethernet. Terminals can be loaded or dumped, and terminal-to-controller communications are supported.
  • With Microsoft's "Host Integrated Services" SNA interface, this product supports host communications via LUO and LU6.2.
  • Supports dual controller capability