Mobile Point of Sale

The QVS mPOS (Mobile Point Of Sale) solution offers retailers a mobile client that can function as a point-of-sale register. With mPOS, a mobile cashier can scan items, take credit or debit card payment, and issue a customer receipt, anytime and anywhere in the store.


QVS Software, Inc. announces new pricing model for the QVS InSight product effective September 1st 2010. With the feature pricing model, you can choose and pay for only those InSight features that you want. The InSight product is a set of powerful tools that assist Help Desk, Programmers, and Analysts

Terminal Services

Terminal Services is used to provide support in the more traditional (thick client) POS implementations, as well as in newer application solutions, such as self-checkout. Existing 4690 POS applications can now run on Windows operating systems.

Terminal Concentrator

Terminal Concentrator is used to provide support in newer thin client POS application solutions for fuelpumps and mobile devices. It is also the product that many retailers are using to extend the life oflegacy POS hardware. Terminal Concentrator currently allows up to 80 thin clients to be servicedby a single Windows server. Alternatively, Terminal Concentrator is also available for the TGCS 4690 controller. Thin client interfaces are available for a wide variety of solutions (Java, COM,Palm OS, and more).

Controller Services Feature

Controller Services Feature for Windows is a QVS product that allows 4690 store controller applications to execute in a Windows NT or Windows 2000 environment.

QVS Controller Services Version 3 (CSF) is a Microsoft®-based solution that provides the necessary tools and subsystems to integrate the TGCS 4690 store controller software as a Windows subsystem.

QVS Controller Services Version 3 replaces the discontinued TGCS DDS/CSF product offering.


QConnect is a cost-effective software solution for attaching non-TGCS POS Terminals to an TGCS 4690 Store Controller.