For more than 20 years, QVS Software has been providing software products and services to Tier 1 retailers and solution providers world wide. Sears Holding Company, Kroger, Safeway, and Hudson's Bay Company are just a few of the major retailers who have benefited from QVS products and services. Our mission is to provide enabling software that makes it easy for retailers to benefit from advanced retail system technology. Several of our staff members can trace their experience with the retail system evolution back to the 1970s.

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, the company derives its name from the Quality, Value, and Service that its retail clients and business partners have come to rely on. Because QVS works closely with all the leading retail systems providers, many retailers are already experiencing the benefits of QVS products. Numerous solution vendors already include innovative QVS software components in their system design. All of the major POS manufacturers—Fujitsu, TGCS, NCR, and Wincor Nixdorf—are QVS business partners. QVS also partners with other important players in the retail space, such as Microsoft, Motorola, HP, Datalogic, Radiant Systems, Cornell-Mayo Associates, Agilysys, E3 Retail, TriSoft, and many more.

QVS is the voice of experience when it comes to "state of the art" store systems concepts such as migration strategies, operating systems, and pervasive computing technology. The company is committed to enabling retailers to use best-of-breed equipment in deploying both mainstream and exciting new application solutions. By making a commitment to provide products with full compatibility with both legacy and current industry technologies, QVS assures its customers that their solutions will be of lasting value.