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Performance Improvements at Point Of Sale - A Guide to Getting the most out of your 4690 System.

It is clear that many of the IBM 4690 POS applications could use an overhaul. But who has the time? And where would one start?

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Self-Checkout Solutions PDF Print E-mail

A number of motivating factors are driving retailers around the world to provide self-checkout solutions. As evidenced by the growing number of worldwide installations, consumers are ready and willing to use this technology. The motivations for providing these solutions include: 

  • Shortening checkout lines without increased labor
  • Need for more merchandise display space, dictating a smaller checkout footprint
  • New opportunities to interact with customers, including directed advertising
  • Mergers that drive the need for store-to-store consistency of services
  • Internal shrink control

Fortunately, the growing popularity of self-checkout solutions has led major vendors such as NCR, Fujitsu, IBM, Wincor, ECRS and Motorola to offer solutions that easily integrate with existing (IBM-based) business logic. By using these products, retailers can offer self-checkout services now, without the time and expense of several person-years of software development. In stores where a converged solution has been deployed, customers experience uniform storewide pricing while management enjoys the simplicity of maintaining a single set of business logic.

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