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Performance Improvements at Point Of Sale - A Guide to Getting the most out of your 4690 System.

It is clear that many of the IBM 4690 POS applications could use an overhaul. But who has the time? And where would one start?

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MPOS - Mobile Point of Sale

The QVS mPOS (Mobile Point Of Sale) solution offers retailers a mobile client that can function as a point-of-sale register.  With mPOS,  a mobile cashier can scan items, take credit or debit card payment, and issue a customer receipt, anytime and anywhere in the store.


The mPOS solution allows retailers to run their existing IBM 4690 Point of Sale (POS) applications on a hand held device that is connected via a wireless LAN to the store controller. Architecturally the mPOS product is integrated into an existing IBM 4690 OS platform using the QVS 4690 Terminal Concentrator product.

The mPOS system presents the end user with a friendly user interface which incorporates touch or pen input while interfacing to the standard list of POS peripherals needed in the retail industry.  The product was designed to resolve the need for a fully functional mobile POS solution required in retail stores where the necessity to satisfy and increase customer convenience is of the utmost importance while allowing a retailer to easily support and run the POS applications without modifications or recompilation.  The mPOS Terminal is perceived by the IBM 4690 controller as an IBM 4690 terminal.

A variety of hardware/software configurations are supported.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Motorola hand-helds

o   Mobile Payment Module (including debit)

  • Apple iPod Touch

o   Infinite Peripherals Linea Pro (for scanning and credit card use)

  • Printers

o   Zebra, O’neil, Epson (and more)

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